What a bizarre day!

I woke up today, feeling pretty crumby, as I have every morning since my life took this strange turn for the worst. I’m used to it at this point. Mornings are the worst it seems. My sleeping brain, and my awake brain haven’t decided to talk in a while, and unfortunately for me, that leaves me with dreams of “my old life” and waking moments that forget the last 3 weeks have even happened. I can’t wait until this stops.

Mornings are the worst.

But I was excited at the same time… My friend Diane , and her man Sean and I were going to go to the beach and BBQ, and hang out and stuff. But, that couldn’t happen. They had tons of stuff that had to get done, and no time to do it. That’s ok though, more time to mess around with my blog (how’s it looking?)!

So I spent the day chatting on forums, IM, and reading about blogs and blog moding: trying to figure out how to make my mark in the bloging world… Or at least how to make it so I like it when I reflect on this journey I have started.

I cant believe I start my new job on Monday! Gosh, I lucked into that one, and with perfect timing… God must be looking after me, even though I don’t see his wisdom right now. I’m terrified to start a new job, and new life, especially without my best friend (X); but, I don’t have a choice, so on I go.

I have been having a tuff time finding a place to live. Seems ether the places are TERRIBLE, wont take pets (cause I want to get my kitties [See Pic]), or are WAY out of my price range! As it is, I can get an 1 bedroom apartment, up to $600 (which is probably what I will end up paying) but that leaves me $0 to do anything else (and I’m living on KD). So, I might have to move back to my old apartment building. Which is ok too, because it puts me close to all my friends, and right in town (if that’s good or not I don’t know at this point).

I just need to get my own place, and start life again. I need to do it soon, or I’m going to get stuck in this funk, and that’s NO good! I need to get moving before this sadness consumes me completely.

Anyway, here is a picture of my kitties; the reason I’m having a hard time finding a place to live: Aren’t they cute!