Dear Thrifty Foods – An Open Letter.


Dear Thrifty Foods Victoria,

We, your faithful, loyal and happy customers are worried for you and your survival in Victoria – with the new Super Wal-Mart in town ferrying in a whole bunch of food ad ridiculously low prices. They prices are you know, ridiculously low, but not all that glimmers is gold. And this is your advantage.

They’re pricing is jaw dropping… But there is a reason:

Poor Quality.
Nothing even in the vicinity of local.

This is where you shine.

Your meat and produce is fresh, local, and full of goodness. Clearly you have the best value for the dollar – but people sometimes just see cheap prices and nothing else.

I admit I was one of those people – but I was full of doubts, fully expecting what I got.

They had this bulk beef that was only $1.87 (I think the whole think was like apx$12.00), and that makes each steak you could get less than $0.70… That is – cheap. And in todays – every dollar counts mentality – its a big difference. So, I decided to give it a try, along with some veg, and dairy. Emphasis on the word try – I know better – but I wanted to see, so I could tell people the truth – which ever way that landed.

Well when I cut into the meat – I admit I smiled. It wasn’t red, and luscious and GOOD. It was pink, and funky, and clearly full of crap. It was god awful. There is no way you can make a steak out of that meat. Stew maybe. Stir-fry if your lucky, but its not good meat.

The veg was lacklustre at best, clearly had been on a truck for a while.

Everything was just…. Ugh.

The named brand packaged stuff (like cat litter), you cant mess that up, and it was cheaper – but not by much.

So we as consumers need to take stock.

For a few dollars, do we want to drive local out and get preservatives, and chemicals from god knows where. Or do we want fresh local goodness.

I for one want the later.

And that is where you shine.

You are fresh and local personified.

And you need to shout it from the roof tops.

Compare their crap to your quality.

Show people who might only see dollar signs that you must look beyond the price tag.

Bring in the farmers. Show us what your best at. Do it!

Maybe even bring in some bulk meat options like Costco and Wal-Mart have… As long as you stand true to who you are – because it is why we love you.

Be true to your mission statement.

Mission Statement
Thrifty Foods is committed to providing quality food products at competitive prices with friendly, helpful staff in clean, well-stocked stores.

Show us why we need you – and why we love you so.

Thank you,

Your customers.