Dragon Dictate for Mac.


So, the last two or three posts I have been trying to use Dragon dictate for Mac. I think it has been pretty successful it besides a few mistakes here and there, and certainly has increased my productivity when it comes to writing. Although I really do prefer typing on a keyboard to dictating what I want to write, it is a fast, effective way to convey my thoughts.

There’s something so simple about just having what you say turn into text. Any thoughts any ideas anyone can they really come, quickly and effectively with Dragon Dictate for Mac. You have to spend about 5 min. or so training it to use your voice, and its effectiveness does increase over time, but even straight out of the box with no training it effectively transcribes everything you say into accurate text on the screen.

If you are a writer, or someone who can’t type very well, or even someone who just wants to be more efficient in their day, I recommend giving Dragon Dictate for Mac a try. It is based off the Mac scribe software but taken over by the company that has done DragonDictate NaturallySpeaking for PC. This new merging of ideas in software has caused quite an effective bundle for Macintosh users.

As a blogger, this really helps me create a more cohesive post. My thoughts flow more naturally and easily, and it takes blogging from typing to more of just talking to a friend kind of feeling. Like I said before, I really do prefer typing the tactile nature of typing just makes me feel so connected to the blog, or story, or piece I am writing, but the able to put my headset on, walk around my cottage and talk knowing that this is been transcribed fairly accurately is amazing.

I have been doing just that walking around my house doing my everyday chores with noise in the background not pure silence, and it is taking an accurate dictation of my words. Granted, it is not 100% yet, I need to give it a little bit more training I think; however, I think that even as it is, it is an incredible tool.

I found this video on YouTube, and it displays quite well what Dragon dictate is all about and why you should pick it up.

Here’s a link to the program at Amazon make sure you check it out as it is amazing!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Dragon Dictate for Mac will also run commands on your Mac, launch programs, and even read what you’ve written back to you. So when I’m in my kitchen doing my dishes dictating to my Mac, I can simply requested to read everything back to me and it will. Amazing!

Seriously, give Dragon Dictate a try you won’t regret it.