Happy Snow Day – Turns to Sad Lost Umbrella Day


So today started what I can only guess will be an epic snow week – or at least that what the weather man is predicting. Victoria is not know for snow, in fact, we don’t really have any snow equipment. And other than in 1996 it has served us well…

Well today snow came down… A whole bunch, and it looked like it was going to be one heck of a storm…


But in classic Victoria style, 5 minutes later is was a beautiful day…


So beautiful in fact, that I decided to spend the afternoon walking around.

I walked all over enjoying the sun, and the sights, even a little waffle dinner


Of course, as quick as it came the sky turned black, and it went cold, and dark, and miserable. Not snowing, but not even in the vicinity of nice. So I trucked up, and wrapped myself up in a blanked to enjoy an evening in.

I always blows me away how Victoria can have the worst weather one moment, then beautiful the next. I guess it is always been like that, but it sure makes it tuff to decide if I should bring an umbrella or not….

Of course, as I say, that I realized I don’t know where my umbrella is… OMG – I hope I didn’t leave it anywhere, because it is the BEST umbrella:


CRAP, where is it!