The new job, & the dead car

When it rains it pours, and do I need an umbrella!

Well I started work today… 7am *blink* till 2:30pm. First I’d like to say, as a non morning person 7am seems really daunting, but because of everything I have been getting up at 5am anyways, so 6am wake up call was a bonus.

What an amazing place West is! There is great room for advancement, and promotion, and good benefits, and incentives, and it looks like its FUN! Not to mention their idea of tuff customer support is NOTHING!! They should try being a Paradon Service Writer! The break room is amazing, the people are cool, and its only been open 3 months. I lucked into round 2 hiring, so I’m GROUND FLOOR… I can only go up! If I can keep my spelling in check, I’m going to be so set there!

I took my car to the mechanic today to have it checked out. There is a grocery list of things gone wrong… but its not as bad as I thought… But its still pretty bad. For $800 what can you expect though. I knew I would have to put some $$ into it, just not as much as I will have to.

Of course, on the way back, the car died completely. After the $40 checkup. But I walked back to the garage (got a lift part way from some nice people), and they sent my mechanic with me and we got it started. And its a MYSTERY why it died. But its going now. We put in some gas from a Jerry can, so that might of been it (apparently its empty at 1/4 tank) but he had to use a spark plug tester to get the car to turn over, so we are not sure. I just hope its not to expensive.

So I gave my couch to The X… I love my couch. I will miss my couch… but I cant have my couch.

I have had that couch since I was 16. But the idea of taking a couch that I once considered OURS, I cant do it. I just cant. I will miss it. But What can I do…

So now, without further ado…

I give you:

My Couch!!

I will miss you old friend.

Anyways, Im going to go now and pay rent, then go see my friend Chad, I’m really happy I’m gonna get to see my friend!