Canada, rise up!


So, for those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I kinda lost my mind tonight.

You see, I was trying to watch Hell’s Kitchen in HD, and I had PVR’ed it on Fox. Fox was overwritten (simsubbed) by CITYTV.

This is common – yet frustrating – practice in Canada, with often frustrating consequences.

Tonight simsub enraged me beyond words.

The CRTC’s mandates that simsubbing so that Canadian stations and content take over American… ie Ad’s, and it should be seamless and unnoticeable except for the ads.

It is all about the ads.

But this NEVER works.

I have seen show endings cut off, when a simsub starts for the next show, I have seen sporting events get overwritten by sitcoms because that is the regularly scheduled program, I have even seen the completely wrong program simsubbed.

This practice doesn’t work.


And tonight…. Fox HD of Hells Kitchen was simsubed with an UNCONVERTED SD broadcast.

That is just offensive.

And what added insult to injury, the ADS WERE IN HD!!!

Don’t worry, I made sure to skip all the ads purely out of spite, but I was forced to watch grainy crap, so I could have Canadian ads.

Just absurd.

I get it, we need to support Canada, Canadian businesses, and the Ads on Canadian channels help that… However if you can’t do it right… DONT DO IT.

Give us the option to WATCH on that Canadian channel, but don’t remove the option to watch on an american channel / ads (HELLO SUPERBOWL ADS).

Give us the choice.

But do not remove the options.

I wanted to watch it on FOX because I saw CITYTV was up converting now using true HD, but that choice was remove and I was forced to watch… Crap.

This NEEDS to stop.