Your iTunes Library a mess?


I (like many people) have spend hours upon hours, and days upon days sorting and organizing my iTunes Library. Having a large CD collection, I have imported many a CD which is improperly tagged for one reason or another – and now with the Album Art being so beautiful, and devices like the iPhone displaying them in full gorgeous glory it’s vital that it is tagged sorted labelled properly.

Seriously, I have spent DAY’S going through my songs, and they are still not… Fully correct.

Enter Pollux.

Never worry about organizing your music library again

Completely automatic and easy to use
Tags name, artist, album, album art, genre, year, and lyrics
Analyzes the track’s unique fingerprint, so it can never be wrong
No existing track information necessary
Automatically corrects each track’s information as it is added to iTunes.

And they arnt kidding.

It delivers on it’s promise with flying colours!

You need to try this application!

No more blank album art, or Track 01… It get’s all corrected.

And make sure you pickup the years subscription for $10, because these are just a bunch of guys… And they have done an amazing job, and deserved to get paid.

Get it…