Nokia 6682 Review

Nokia 6682 Review

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The Physical:

The Nokia 6682 is a striking phone – the first thing I notice out of the box is that its color is not black or sliver (which seems to be the Canadian standard for some weird reason) but is in fact an almost iridescent pearl color.

This size is a little bit larger than most Nokia’s I have used, but it is defiantly not unbearable, though the buttons on the phone surprised me a lot.

The number buttons actually where quite small for a phone of this size, but the soft left and right keys were – in comparison – huge! The navigation button is smaller too, and often you are clicking right and left when trying to press center. When taking pictures that can be especially annoying because it will switch you to video camera mode. The rest of the feature/menu buttons are fine, actually well thought out and easy to use. The side buttons (power and are both well placed. I figured I would accidentally bump them all the time, but I do not.

The camera slider on the back is nice – works well at protecting the lens, and auto launching the camera feature when opened, though it does feel a little bit flimsy, and I am left wondering how well it will stand up in the long run.

The screen is large and bright, exactly what you would hope for in a smart phone.

The rest of the physical phone traits are as you expect them… The door for the memory stick is as usual pretty flimsy, the battery (like all Nokia’s) is hard to get off (which I actually like) and the SIM slot is solid.

Physically is a good phone.


The Software:

The Nokia 6682 comes with the Symbian OS. The software on the phone is easy to use / user friendly. The PC software is also easy to use / user friendly; however there was a couple issues. The software would randomly loose connection to the phone – this was not related to the phone going to sleep / screen saver, it was truly random, and it would take about 6 or 7 tries of plugging in the phone to the USB on the PC for it to detect it properly – HOWEVER it should be noted that Nokia just updated the software for the PC, and when that was installed this problem was DREMATICALLY reduced. It was still present, but barely – so be sure to keep your software current and up to date.

Nokia Lifeblog was a great idea, but it did NOT function as promised. The first few times I used it, I could not get over how cool it was, what it did, and how incredibly useful it would be to my blog (even though it was NOT supporting WordPress which I use, and I had to use my Flickr account as a portal)… But after only 2 uses it refused to connect to my phone, and because useless. I troubleshot this problem for hours, to no avail.

All the standard features on a phone that you come to expect are there – clock, alarm, contacts, etc… All worked fantastic on their own, and in conjunction with the PC (sync) the extras you get with the smart phone (office, Opera) where good as well. I loved the built in office features, and knowing there are open office productions and MANY apps that I could play with on Symbian made me ecstatic. Opera however I found a little buggy on the phone – almost ever time I browsed with it (to mobile sites) it crashed. I did try a reinstall but there was no fixing this issue, and I removed it to use the default browser.

The photo editor was neat, but not very useful. You are much better off uploading with USB or blue tooth to a PC and editing with Photoshop.

Real player worked great for my movies, and I was surprised how quick and efficient it was – great choice for this phone.

The music player is FANTASTIC. I converted all my Mp3’s I wanted from my PC using the PC music transfer software, to the preferred Nokia format. They were crisp and clear and useful. As well, using Audacity I was able to make my own ring tones. Fantastic.

Adobe reader never once was able to successfully open a PDF file. I tired all sizes of files, and troubleshot down to removing everything from my phone / memory card… Nothing. This was a total disappointment, as I was hoping to use this as an on the go e-book reader.

There are hundreds of pieces of software you can try for yourself that don’t come standard… With that, you just have to try it.


The Camera:

The camera / video camera works as you would expect it to… It’s grainy, and the digital zoom is pixilated, but what do you expect with the lens on it…

That being said – for a phone camera – it is quite good. I used it a lot when I didn’t have my Nikon D70s, and I was please with what I got.


The Accessories:

I loved every accessory I got to try! The Bluetooth headset was clear and functional… Even able to understand and use my Voice activated commands to dial the phone from the trunk of my car. It was GREAT – I recommend getting it if you get this phone.

The Mp3 ear pieces were, in short, AMAIZING. They made my phone a functional Mp3 player…. And I don’t leave home with out it. Crystal clear sound and music… To great.

The USB cable worked well, short of the software issue I mentioned above.


The Final Verdict:

This is a great phone for someone who wants a little more bang for there buck – or even if they don’t. With the 3 in one (phone, Mp3 player, and camera/video camera) it is a package that can’t be ignored… And when you add in the Symbian OS, with an office suite, and fully loaded with features and functionality, this is a phone that you shouldn’t pass up.

I highly recommend it!