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You know what else sounds good?

So after having the Creative Sound Blaster World of Warcraft headset for a few weeks – I want to tell you what else sounds DAMN good. Of course there is World of Warcraft – which now sounds like a whole new game (there are FLYS around corpses), but other games will blow you away to. […]

Your iTunes Library a mess?

I (like many people) have spend hours upon hours, and days upon days sorting and organizing my iTunes Library. Having a large CD collection, I have imported many a CD which is improperly tagged for one reason or another – and now with the Album Art being so beautiful, and devices like the iPhone displaying […]

iPhone / iPod Touch app – Words With Friends Free

FEATURES: – Turn-based crossword gaming in your pocket! – Works over Edge, 3G and Wi-Fi – “Random Opponent” finds you a game automatically! – “Pass and Play” feature for local games Intuitive interface makes playing Words With Friends a breeze. This is the word game you’ve been waiting for! * Note to iPod Touch Users: […]

Creative Sound Blaster Wireless World of Warcraft Headset Review

Creative Sound Blaster Wireless World of Warcraft Headset Review (No, I am not endorsed by Creative – I BOUGHT this myself, because it looked EPIC). So I have had some time to play with Creative Sound Blaster’s World of Warcraft Wireless Headset… And I have to say – and I am impressed. Let’s talk about […]

First Impressions

My first impression of the Creative Labs World of Warcraft Wireless Headset – Frustration. Let me quantify that statement. The sound (without any advanced features) is down right amazing . The feel is NICE – very comfortable. Great packaging, nice extras included. However… I am suffering from what a lot of Mac users are suffering […]

Excellent review by Veronica!

After tons of time waiting for this headset (while not having one to use), it is finally available in Canada, and this review put me over the top! I trust Veronica Belmont’s opinion so that is the nail in the preverbal coffin. The fact I can use my headset to make my name more like […]

The green clean.

​ I have been sensitive (allergic) to bleach and strong cleansers my entire life. I am so hyper sensitive to them that they are an instant trigger for a migraine (I have suffered with migraines about as long as I have been sensitive to cleansers). This makes for a set of interesting problems. Basically – […]

EA Sports Active Review – @Active_Girl ‘s 30 day Challange

If you follow my blog – you know that “EA Sports Active” (Electronic Arts) was one of my most anticipated Wii titles to date. And on May 19th it was released, and in my home. Like the other fitness games I own for the Wii ( “My Fitness Coach” (UBI Soft), “Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout” […]

Time to get Active – EA Sports Active!

Alison Sweeney Gets Fit with a New Wii Fitness Game—EA Active Welcome to the 30 day challenge. EA released their sports active fitness game today – which I picked up *shocker* – and I have joined other people (like Alison Sweeney) in the 30 fitness challenge! After one workout I can tell you it is […]

Dove Chocolate Recently I was approached again by matchstick, this time it wasn’t cell phones – it was chocolate – and with one quick email my journey started again. Eager to let the chocoloholic in me out, I jumped at the chance to review, share, and spread the word about something I love – CHOCOLATE! It […]