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Thanksgiving dinner coach

Good anytime

When I go back to Thailand, I am taking cooking classes!

Chicken & Chilli Stir Fry

Yum! Very similar to what I make with chicken, cept I don’t use fish sauce.

Food Mob – How to Make Gourmet Ramen! Plus: Cook Tuna in Minutes

I have really come to adore Food Mob as of late, and though I don’t agree with all of his recipes and techniques…. He does have me wanting that fantastic grill pan though – in fact I am heading to Walmart in hopes of finding one at a decent price – but not cheap – […]

Ginger Syrup & Lime Roasted Almonds.

So it was time for a little creativity. I had been trying different techniques for roasting almonds, and different flavours but I think I hit a winner here – Ginger Syrup & Lime Roasted Almonds. You need a Pre–heated oven to 250 First on the stove on high heat (constantly stirring) add one cup of […]

People don’t know how to cook anymore.

Image Credit: startcooking kathy & amandine It amazes me how people don’t cook much anymore – myself included. But how much better is the food we make ourselves. Tons. So why do we let laziness get in the way of deliciousness and healthiness. I dunno. I have started cooking more and more – and healthier […]

More Food Mob…

The Perfect Chilli Con Carny Well, I agree with most of this recipe, and the rice tip is great, I don’t agree with the catchp… But each to their own. What do you think?

The perfect Steak.

I have talked before about cooking steak, and my love for cooking. I like to think Im a good cook, and when I do cook for others – they seem to agree. One thing though that is really hard to show on a blog is how to really cook a steak… or a lot of […]


Though the corn syrup makes me nervous.

Play with your food!

I have said it before, and will say it again… Experiment in the kitchen. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Tonight – BIG win. Tonight I decided to do up a couple steak medallions, with a side fresh veggies. Near the end of the meal – while watching some shows on Paris (thinking French food) […]