Yesterday – 30 year anniversary of Mt. St. Helens Eruption.


Do you remember?

I sure do.

Yea, I was six – but I totally remember.

I was living on the island, (Dayman Island BC Canada) and we were in the process of building our new house. To do this, we moved the original house – put it up on logs, – and lived in it on the logs while the new house was built (pictures at the bottom). It was always interesting living on the island, but this day…

Doubly so.

Because when the volcano erupted – the house rolled on the logs – because the ground shook so hard! It was crazy. Kinda like a really surreal theme park ride.

Then, not to long after – we saw the cloud.

We lived close enough that we got to see the cloud… The ash… And feel some of the effects. But we were far enough away to be safe.

As a kid, you don’t really understand Volcano.

But as an adult, looking back on this experience – I have a very humble appreciation for nature, and the power of the Volcano.

So, what do you remember?

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