I just have to say… The Wii is incredibly fun!I was having the WORST day… I wont get into the gory details, but lets just say allot of things I was supposed to do yesterday, had to get put aside so that I could put out a HUGE fire…. And I was stressed!But after it was all said and done, I spent 3 hours doing Wii-Fitness, Wii-Baseball, Wii-Boxing, Wii-Bowling, Wii-Tennis & Wii-Golf and I WORKED OUT.  That was the only way to describe it… It was a work out.  The Wii tracked my workout… And it was a FUN game… But I got sore, winded, sweated, and I really worked out my frustrations (Wii-Boxing FOR THE WIN).When I was done, I was quite sore, but I felt good that even though I was playing video games, I got a work out.But this morning…I am in pain!And why wouldn’t I be?I worked my butt off for 3 hours… Boxing hard, Hitting hard Home runs, Returning hard Tennis Serves… Trying to get a medal in every event (bronze at least and a couple silver), and it was a work out.But OW!My arms, shoulders, back… All are incredibly sore.Yup it was a workout.And I intend to keep it up.