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It is this good

Watch it!! Dont let another good show die!

You don’t want to end up in the middle of invalid memory.

When purging all my stuff I had stored…

Having watched Hoarders helped immensely!

Are you watching Glee yet?

If you arnt watching it… Why not? It totally is my highschool life. No kidding. Watch Glee!

Supernatural makes fun of Twilight


The Walking Dead

Great show. After a couple episodes I can truly saw – AWESOME! You should make sure you watch it. By the way… Zombies rule!

Battlestar Galatica Online MMO


3D – Fun or fad?

So there has been a rush of 3D movies, and TV’s as of late. Everyone wants to get in on the 3D fad… But is it a fad, or is it here to stay? I actually really enjoy 3D, I get a kick out of the moves with 3D (good 3D) in them. But I […]

What is the bet that Canadians miss out.

I bet because of poor canadian laws, the Google TV will not be able to be in Canada… But look how awesome. This is just getting absurd! Canadians – STAND UP!

Love this show