It’s all about the story – StarCraft 2


Since its release, StarCraft 2 has had nothing but rave reviews – including mine – but the more I play, the more epic I realize it is.

This is what is so great about games like this – great games – that there is a narrative worthy of Oscar winning movies, but wrapped up in an interactive package. More and more companies are inventing more and more dollars into wonderful, epic stories, that wrap all the interactive action in a enthralling package that when combined with award winning scores, music, and sound effects, has a better entertainment value then most TV and movies – though I am still a sucker for a good book.

Twists and turns in games like BioShock have – quite literally – jaw dropping effects on players, the likes of which can never be simulated on another medium. All because of the interactivity, and I am left wondering will things like the BioShock or Warcraft movies have the same appeal. Well, appeal isn’t really the right word… But I think the story has to be at least twice as compelling to compensate for the lack of interactivity, and considering how epic the stories are in a lot of games these days – I don’t know how they can hope to double that.

Just sitting like a bump in front of the boob tube is not the same was thinking, reacting, and interacting.

But nothing – nothing – beats a good book.