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The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

The book

It’s all about the story – StarCraft 2

Since its release, StarCraft 2 has had nothing but rave reviews – including mine – but the more I play, the more epic I realize it is. This is what is so great about games like this – great games – that there is a narrative worthy of Oscar winning movies, but wrapped up in […]

Stephen King’s Under the Dome

Have you ready Under the Dome yet? I have recommended this book a lot. It is Epic – it is Stephen King’s finest since The Stand, like the books says. A little snippet for you, read by the author himself: And of course… the book trailer – the possible trailer for the possible HBO series:

What is it your listening to?

Often when I am out and about, I get asked ‘what are you listening to?’. This fairly innocent question gets asked at least 3 or 4 times a day by varying people. Perhaps it’s my shining headphones, or maybe its that I always have them on… But I get this question – A LOT. And […]

Demon – By Daniel Suarez

Read it. Amazon has it here… And it really is an amazing, compelling, and intriguing book. What is also interesting – is how Mr. Suarez made this book possible… Check it out :

THIS – is one of many reasons…

The iPad is better. Suck it Kindle. Thanks to Starman for pointing this out!

What is it about Stephen King?

So, I just finished Under the Dome, and it was excellent – right to the ending (which was very Stephen King) – and it got me wondering: Why Stephen King? Well, actually my mom got me thinking about that. When I was on the phone with my mom the other day, I let her know […]


I have been consuming book after book after book lately, in the form of audio books. Books I had read before – or new books (like Under the Dome which I am currently listening too – AMAZING) just, lots and lots of books. I really love to read, and have never taken much stock in […]

The Joy of Sex.

(I will relay this as best I can, cause I was just born at the time) My Godfather (god rest his soul) was the kind of man that always made you laugh. And had a joke for every occasion. My christening was to be no exception. The year was 1974 – yes, I’m old – […]

Under the Dome

GREAT BOOK! And if you have read it – or are going to read it – this site is for you! (I love well done Viral Marketing. I am not telling you more… but there is QUITE a bit to this it seems. So far – so fun!) I do enjoy me some Stephen […]