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This is my last post, on blogger. Blogger, you served me well. Thanks for the memories…. Stay tuned fo my movable type address at my new blog location… Once setup is complete, I will post the URL, for forward you to my new MT blog.

No updates for a while

There is a good reason… In a day or two, you will see.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Aquarium Exhibits – Sharks: Myth and Mystery

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Aquarium Exhibits – Sharks: Myth and Mystery

Time, it just slips away from us.

This week went by in a blur. One moment, I was enjoying my weekend, planning on getting a domain (still trying to think of a really good name that is not taken) then next moment, I’m at work, trying to figure out a good hosting option, then all of a sudden, its my weekend again. […]

Intellivision Gamepics

Intellivision Gamepics I have been playing games for a lot of years… My first gaming system was the Intellivision system… It shipped with Blackjack and poker, and that was released in 1979… That is 25 years of gaming goodness. Wow.

Looking for opinions… What should my domain name be?

What should I get as my domain name? Cinderella is taken. Use the comments to cast your opinions.

To Domain, or not to domain, that is the question

I am actually thinking about getting my own domain to host this thing… But I just cant decide. If I do, I know where I can host it for about $60 us a year… But do I want to make that leap? I will them most likely move to movable type from standard blogger, which […]

WIL WHEATON DOT NET: shipbuilding

WIL WHEATON DOT NET: shipbuilding This is a sample of why Wil inspires me… Reading this post put me in that Starbucks with him… Brilliant.


Well its no secret that I love Wil Wheaton’s blog… Heck I took a page out of his book with my “Listen, play, read, watch” sections. I wish I could blog half as good as Wil… I find myself spending hours lost in Dancing Barefoot, or perusing Wil’s blog, or photo blog, listening to his […]


It’s amazing what one song can make you think… What memory’s one movie can invoke… What emotions stir with a simple picture. Our senses are the key to our memories… And they are so powerful. I was flipping channels on TV tonight, waiting for the superbowl to finish (so I could watch Survivor-AllStars), and I […]