Cultural Night Out.


This week I got to have a very cultural day.

First, the Cinema – I went and saw the Social Network. Yes, despite my Tinfoil Hat, I went and saw the move… And it was great.

Now, please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction. F-I-C-T-I-O-N. This is now how Zuck’s life has panned out. Based on an unauthorized book. There are threads of truth, and the movie is fantastic. Everyone should see it, but you need to recognize that it is NOT real. Besides that, brilliant story, brilliant acting, brilliantly done. I loved it. Go see it, just remember:


Then it was to the Opera to see Cinderella by Pacific Opera Victoria,

A classic Rossini comedy with a heart, Cinderella is an irrepressible take on the traditional fairy tale we all know and love. Rossini conjures up a handsome prince, a beastly stepfather, bickering stepsisters, a beautiful heroine – and sheer magic in the music. True love, goodness, and forgiveness win out with an unabashedly happy ending – even for the wicked stepsisters!

Cinderella brims with Rossini’s most brilliant coloratura writing and exuberant ensemble pieces. With its effervescent music and irresistible tunes, this zany romp is as much fun as opera can possibly be.

Revel in absolute enchantment as you fall under the spell of this sparkling masterpiece!

In Italian with English Surtitles

It was amazing.

Very wonderful cultural evening.

The Cinema then the Theatre… how wonderful.