A warm toilet seat

You know what I hate? When you go into a busy public washroom, and there is a lineup – so you wait, and wait and wait, and that is never a pleasant experience – because it ALWAYS smells…. Then finally your next. You wait, and the stall door opens up, and in you go – finally – blessid relief.

Then… you sit…

On a warm toilet seat.

I almost shudder just thinking about that.

Is there any worse feeling than sitting on porcelain warmed by a strangers ass? If there is, I haven’t experienced it. I absolutely hate that feeling… And I can never finish fast enough. I would rather wait and have an uncomfortable car ride, rather than sit on a pre-warmed bowl. I will walk clear across the call center I work at so I don’t have to have an above room temperature butt. I hate it.

So next time, your tush graces some pre-warmed porcelain… Think of me, and know that I would have gone somewhere else – just for a cold seat.