I awoke…

(This is creative writing – a reminder, all posts with that tag are pure fiction – enjoy)

I awoke cold, on cement, dazed.

The last thing I remember was being on a flight to California with a bunch of my friends, now all I see is candle light – and a large room.   Clearly I am not on the plane anymore.

I sit up a little bit and try and shake myself away – trying to remember what had happened.  I look around to see that I am in a cage in what looks to be a cross between an old castle, and a gym locker room?

The walls are blue grey, lined with cages, and lockers – but they are stone and castle like.  It is the weirdest looking room I have ever seen.  The floor is stone – cold – and expansive.

Where is this place?

What is this place?

As I try to stand, I remember that the plane was diverted, to where I don’t know, and well I guess we have landed somewhere.  I remembered the Captain saying something about a gas leak… Maybe that’s why I had passed out.

Then I wonder about my friends.

I look around and see they are all with me.  Each in their own cage, all starting to come to.

I ask everyone if they are ok – and through grunts and half acknowledgements I realize they are…  It is time to figure out why we are in cages.

It almost feels like a Kennel.

Then, fluorescent lights come on – and we can clearly see we in fact are in what looks like a giant medieval room, outfitted like a locker room – complete with showers, and lockers, and toilets… As well there are walls of cages like a kennel.

What the hell is this place?

A loud *CLICK* is heard and the cages open.

My friends and I gather together on the benches in the center of the room.  We sit and discuss whats going on.

It was at the moment, I heard it.

Not a dog, not a…

What was that?

Bounding out of the shadows came a Felhunter.

It ran stright for my friend Carl.

But this couldn’t be.  That is just a Warlock pet from World of Warcraft – a Video Game.

Then we hear what sounded like a lion.  Already confused by the daemon cuddling at Carl’s feet – we had no idea what to expect next.

Out of the shadows bounded a beautiful white lion.  And it sat down at Jessie’s feet.  She was so confused.  But again… This was her WoW pet!

What the hell is going on?

We all were expressing the same confusion when a deafening howl was heard – and my WoW pet – the wolf Ares comes bounding at me, licking my face.

It was all to weird.

We start opening the lockers to see all of our in game armor, and weapons – in our size – labeled for us.

We all we reunited with our pets, mini pets, and mounts from in the game…

Was that it?

Were we in the game?

Then as suddenly as the cages opened – a part of the wall slide back to reveal a large wooden and iron door waiting for us to open it and find out what was going on.

I guess there was only one thing we could do.

We got dressed.  Beckoned our pets and mounts to follow, and walked towards the door.

To find out what was out there….

(to be continued…)