The Dingo Ate My Baby!

So I just got back from camping at Lake Cowichan, and wow am I tired… But boy did I have allot of fun. I can�t describe how much fun I had, or how thankful I am for Jo and Erin asking me to go… But I will try:

My morning yesterday started with my 11:00am Aussie wake up call. I answered the phone. Still half asleep, “Hello – freak?” (I love call display) to which I got the response “Dude, your still in bed, get up! You got to come camping, its fun, get up here!” So I rolled out of bed, and started getting ready to go. My mom and brother stopped by, so we had coffee, and chatted, then after they were gone, I took off up island.

The drive up island is beautiful. And I had a nice hour and a half drive where I got to just be with my thoughts, alone in my car, enjoying the view. It was magnificent. The trees, the eagles, the smells and sights. I loved it.

I got to the campground around 3pm, immediately dumped all my stuff out, and jumped in the lake. What can I say, I am a water girl. I hate lakes though, I much prefer swimming in the ocean, but this was ok for the time being, and it even had a raft to dive off of, and some “nice” sand (nice for BC). The campground (linked above) was pretty nice, and it was right on the lake so me jumping straight into the water was not far fetched.

This being Erin’s camping trip, there was a lot of people there I did not know, but at the same time, I love meeting new people, and these folks are fantastic. There were about 8 people there in total (at a couple points there was a few more), and all but 2 were new people, so it was great to meet them all.

Besides Erin, the only other person there I knew from the get go, was that crazy Aussie Jo (I figured Jo, I would mention your name, cause I know you like to see you name in print… But Ill call ya crazy – cause that is what you are…. SO HA! Oh, and that – was just for you!).

We all swam for hours, sometimes out to the raft, and jumping back in. Sometimes in close to shore playing Frisbee. Somtimes just goofing around trying to throw one another off the raft. Jo, at some point, decided to attack me with her feet (Jo – WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND FEET – heh heh). Jo was climbing up the ladder, and shoved her smelly feet in my face… I mean “Come off it!”. So she got up the ladder, finally, and then I got up. Jo proceded to try and throw me off. Yeah, right… That is so not how it went down. So she dived in and I went in after her. We got to the shallows and she again stuck her foot out at me. It was at that point I grabbed her foot, so she was stuck. I made sure I grabbed her neck to so she was above water… But she was helpless! HA HA! Of course there are always consequences and reprecussions. Jo tried to put me in an arm lock, but I just twisted and turned and ended up flipping her over in the water. Then it all quieted down for a while… We played Frisbee for a bit, but unbenounced to me, Jo had other ideas.

Jo while I was not looking had gotten a handful of dirt… Good old, from the bottom of the lake muck. She then sneaked up behind me and splattered it on my head. I thought she had just smacked my head until Erin said “Cindy, you have a pile of dirt on your head”. Jo had covered my head in DIRT. I tried to rinse it out, but I could not get it all out (I still have some in my hair as I type this). I was pretty funny, but I have to get that girl back. Man, Erin must think all we do is fight… But it is all good spirited fun! I love it!

So after we all got done throwing one another off the raft (Poor Jo can’t throw me – HA!) we played a little water Frisbee, then it was time for the all-important “LIQUOR RUN”.

We ran to the goverment dairy, I picked up SOME OF THE WORST COOLERS MAN HAS EVER INVENTED! They were essentially spiked root beer, but with the after taste from hell! YUK! The only liquor I have ever considered throwing out… But that would be a waste… So maybe some poor unsuspecting soul will want one someday.

We then headed back to the campsite, and had dinner, and drank… a fair bit. I tried my coolers of doom, and then was lucky enough to have Jo pass me a Guinness or 2 so it was all good.

After dinner, Jo and I went for a walk, down some trails… Of course, surprise, we ended up at the lake in the end, but it was a nice walk… I was drinking a cooler and had a Guinness in my pocket, and Jo had a Guinness… But the time we headed back the drinks were empty… And my dexterity (what little I do have was gone), so the hike back was… Special.

When we got close to the campground… As I stumbled down the trail, we saw a toad on the trail. Now… See for me, its “awww look at the toad”, for Jo… It is something a little different. Jo hates toads (go figure being an Aussie), and all of a sudden she goes screaming into the bush, and jumps up on a log. I haven�t seen a reaction like that in years. I couldn�t stop laughing. I mean, I felt bad for her…BUT IT WAS FUNNY!

So we made it back to the campsite. Had a few more drinks, talked, and got to know one another (All of Erin’s friends had known each other for years, so it was great fun to listen to them all talk) and had tons of laughs.

Erin and her friends decided to “hot box” a tent… And most everyone went, except for Jo, and I and a couple others… While they were in their tent, Jo and I decided we needed a washroom run. On the way there, we could NOT resist the temptation to pretend like wild animals on the side of the tent. We scared the crap out of them, and they spilled their liquor all over the tent. It was HILARIOUS. Then we got to watch stoner fest 2004. All I can say is… Wow look at all the food disappear! They talked about “The Dingo Ate My Baby!” (Oh man was that funny), and the stoners found a “chip shaped like Australia” in their chips and saved it in honour of Jo… It was so funny!

We were not allows a camp fire, so the girls in their stoned state thought it would be a good idea to light a bunch of votive candles on a paper plate and roast marshmallows. Good in theory yes, but not so much in practice. The marshmallows would not cook� until all of a sudden they would light on fire� again, theory good; practice bad. Jo was roasting a marshmallow with her fingers, cause that seemed like a bright idea at the time� And she WAS sober to! So eventually it caught fire. And well, being a marshmallow it stuck to her fingers�

And so came the screams.

All I heard (as I�m standing right beside her) was �It�s stuck, it�s stuck!!!� and I see this hand start trying to flick the marshmallow off, except trying to do it by flicking her whole hand. Now, yes� it got off her fingers� but where it landed was unfortunate. I look down at my shirt and see a flaming blob of marshmallow, as well as I have this �burning sensation� near my eye. Being, well, less than sober, my reaction time was well � quick as a gnat. I eventually realize that I essentially have a sticky, gooey, FLAMING substance on my shirt and face, and put it out, not before there is a hole in my shirt, and a tiny (that doesn�t even hurt so meh) burn on my face. I course thought this was hilarious, but at the same time, was all like oww� Jo then dragged me up to the bathroom and proceeded to drown me while cleaning my shirt� It was still wet when I climbed into bed � and with a nice marshmallow shaped hole.

With no campfire though, the night got cold, and the bugs were rampant, so eventually it was time for bed.

Jo had somehow skipped off early and went to bed… but Erin and I were soon to follow. Erin, Jo and I shared a tent… which was Unfortunate for poor Erin, cause Jo and I just have this habit of being unable to stop talking (GO TO BED JO). Erin and I got in the tent, and Jo was quasi asleep… But woke up pretty much as soon as we walked in. We sat and talked for all of 10 minutes until Erin fell asleep… So once again, Jo and I joked, while Erin Slept! We laughed and laughed, while Erin slept between us. We could not believe she slept through our loud chatter… But, not only did she sleep… She TALKED in her sleep. It was freaking hilarious. Jo managed to maintain whole conversations with her, and we laughed and laughed. Finally, at some point, Jo and I finally fell asleep.

The morning brought renewed life, bad hair, morning breath, and ferocious sun burns (for everyone but me HA). There were some SPECTACULAR sunburns… I can�t believe how bad some of them are… YIKES!

We had to disband camp because check out was at 11am. We had some breakfast, and got ready, and tore down the tents, and packed up. by 10:30 we where done.

At that point, Jo and I decided to take off so we could go to fight practise, so we said our goodbyes, pilled in my car, and we took off, homeward bound…

But it wouldn�t be us without a stop a Tim Horton�s.

We stopped in the Duncan Timmy’s and got the usual, and the usual kicked up a notch, and we were ready for the journey home.

The drive home (well ok, to Jo’s house, because I haven�t made it home yet… I still here) was awesome.

We chatted, drank coffee, and enjoyed the magnificent drive. It was fantastic. There is so much to see on that drive, I absolutely love it.

We eventually ended up here a Jo’s both to lazy, sore, or sunburnt to go to fight practise… But we are home. I guess we will figure out what comes next, obviously not fight practise… but meh… still got the whole day ahead.

So here I sit, on Jo’s notebook, while she (after tidying up her house) is lying on her couch…

We are burnt, crisp, roasted, and DONE.

But what a freaking awesome time!

I would do it again in a second.