Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I have blogged – especially non-weight loss posts, same with twitter – been a LONG time. So as a new year has come – I thought I would announce some things, and make some changes.


1) Weight loss is still going AMAZING! I am down a lot of weight, and inches. Every day I get comments on how much weight I am loosing, and I am feeling great. Eating well and working out is fitting well with me. Even the Wii fit is keeping me going when it’s all slow and cold outside. I have stopped the daily pictures and weigh ins. I was house sitting for a couple weeks, and couldn’t do it – then when I could again, I preferred seeing the huge weight drops weekly, as opposed to daily. But I plan to keep the weight loss going until I reach my ideal weight. At the rate I am going, it will be here soon enough.

2) I want to (and plan to) blog and twitter more. I have been neglecting it as of late – but now with all my changes and plans and life changes – now it is more important than ever! That goes for photography too! More pictures, more writings – all good. I know it seems silly, but I really am creative, and have always wanted to take pictures an write… So why don’t I?

3) I want to rekindle a joy from my youth. I have always wanted go get a Motorcycle, but as my weight added on, that dream fell off. Now the reverse is true – for every pound comes off, I want to get a Motorcycle more and more! So my plan is:

a) Get Motorcycle Training and my License.

b) Motorcycle Maintenance and/or Motorcycle Mechanic Course(if I can find one).

c) Get a Bike.

I know… Most people are surprised by this, but it has been something I wanted a long time ago, that I tossed aside because of my weight, but now! This will be my reward!

What reignited this was wanting to travel around and wanting to see North America (and the world) in a different way than most, and I remember the show(s) “Long Way Round & Long Way Down” and how much I wanted to do that. And well, slowly over time I decided that I want to get a bike and do it (maybe not quite so grand – but then again – maybe).


I mean, imagine Australia on a Bike! And the pictures I could take, the fun I could have… Oh yea! Motorcycle!

So I gotta keep loosing weight, and start saving! I also want to do a photography course, but I have some work at home I want to try first, see where that takes me.

Wonder if I need a smaller laptop for my bike?

So happy new year world!


Watch out 2009 – Here I Come!