Harley Davidson Ride Planner

Motorcycling is about adventuring… At least it is in my mind. One of the big things that has me so excited about getting the bike, is the freedom of the road. Seeing sights I have always wanted to see – but from a bike.

Exploring the world – even your own back yard – can be an adventure for anyone when riding.

One thing though, that did weigh on me a little-bit was the planning.

I mean, how cool is it to plan your routes – but how very time consuming.

Not anymore.

Thanks to the Harley Davidson Ride Planner

This site lets you track and share and plan any trip you want. Main or back roads, with gas, hotels, and points of interest. Don’t like their ideas? Click and drag the route!

It is that easy, and it is that incredible.

Here are a couple tentative routes (V1) I am planing.

(These both took less than 10 minutes – so they will need work)

Vancouver Island Tour

Canada & US

So go a head – Check it out. It is super cool!