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Learners Time!

If I can get ready, I may try and get my motorcycle learners on friday. Wish me luck!

Harley Davidson Ride Planner

Motorcycling is about adventuring… At least it is in my mind. One of the big things that has me so excited about getting the bike, is the freedom of the road. Seeing sights I have always wanted to see – but from a bike. Exploring the world – even your own back yard – can […]

I found my bike

More to come – Soon!

Sometimes things from when your a kid…

Sometimes, things from when your a kid spark your passions as an adult. Sometimes he passions of our youth – come back. That is exactly what has happened to me… I think I am in love:

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I have blogged – especially non-weight loss posts, same with twitter – been a LONG time. So as a new year has come – I thought I would announce some things, and make some changes. Ready? 1) Weight loss is still going AMAZING! I am down a lot of weight, […]