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There be Spanish gold in them thar hills

The Lost Tunnel of Leechtown, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada I have always been a fan of adventure, exploration, and discovery. THat is probably why I love traveling so much. Another aspect that has fascinated me is the idea of ghost town exploration, and urban exploration. Because of all this  – there is really no […]


This is part of the whole Urban Exploration that seems pretty easy to get into.

I’ve always wanted to see the world.

I have spent my life dreaming about traveling. I have thought about taking pictures of sharks in Australia, writing in a small Greek town, or tasting exotic foods of India. I have wanted to meet people, go places, see things. I have contemplated cruises, world tours, even just a year backpacking around various countrysides; however, […]

Changing perspectives

You know it’s funny, throughout my life always been trying to struggle, trying to figure out what it is I want to do with my life. I’ve always loved photography, writing, traveling, the ocean, diving, computers, video games, as well as TV and movies; however, I never really was able to articulate what I wanted […]

Some of my favorite dives: Saanich Inlet

Some of my favorite dives: Ogden Point

Some of my favorite dives: Ansell Place.

Some of my favorite dives: Porteau Cove

Another place I have dived a ton, some fun wrecks.

Some of my favorite dives: Whytecliff Park

This is where I have done most of my dives… It is an amazing place to dive – so much life:

A Day In London – Photo Slideshow