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Its over…

And I am sick in bed.. I will write more in detail soon.

But dont take my word for it…


This movie is INCREDIBLE. Everyone should go see it.

Purging my stuff

I dunno how I feel about it… but time for stuff to go

Coffee is good

My magntize site

What do you think?

About Me

My page is finally up.  Check it out and tell me what you think:


I never ever Blog about work – but when your lucky to work for an amazing place, you have to break that rule… at least once or twice. I am truly blessed to be able to work at Live Virtual Help Desk.

When you stumble upon a friend online…

Every once in a while you can stumble upon a friend on YouTube or somewhere and you just have to giggle. Well maybe its just me cause I have interesting friends, but I stumbled across this video on YouTube and laughed cause who showed up but my dear dear friend Diane Pancel – Check it:


This is part of the whole Urban Exploration that seems pretty easy to get into.