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Disconnected Dinner

It’s the damnedest thing. Just 10 years ago you would go out to dinner with friends, or have them over for a dinner party, and everyone would sit around and chat and enjoy each others company. These days, you are more likely to see everyone on their cell’s facebooking, tweeting, texting with one another around […]

China Gate

Oyster Farming… Boy Times have changed!

Image curtsey of Wikipedia via Creative Commons This was not the process I remember! Boy how times have changed. So much more efficient. WAY less manual labour!

Why we could not do The Carol Burnett Show today!

Image curtsey of Wikipedia via Creative Commons I recently did a re-watch of the Carol Burnett show which got me thinking. First off, can I just say that it hold up fairly well. Though some of the jokes are a little dated, the delivery and over all humor had me laughing out loud for almost […]

Blog 10 year anniversary!

What a long strange trip its been. Can’t believe I have been doing this damn blog thing for 10 years this year. You would think I would have had more profound revelations by now. I have had some good ones. Learned a lot about myself. Grown as a person. Changed – or more like became […]

Trying out a new clean theme…

What do you think? Or should I keep it how it was (above). Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Death Become Her

We start our lives young, innocent, reckless, invincible. We can hide in this – personal paradox – for years, even decades, until one day we finally have our first personal brush with death. Maybe it is a loved pet, or grandparent, friend, or even parent, but sometime in our young lives we experience death close […]

The Creative Suck…

I am a creative person. I have been my whole life. I have been into music, photography, and writing as long as I can remember. In fact one of my fondest childhood memories is stealing my mom’s camera and blowing through rolls of film. But I have also been a Geek. I love technology, I […]

Wee Cottage

Wee Cottage 2013-06-28 at 16-04-34_HDR Originally uploaded by Cindy Andrie Home

It’s Been To Long

Time to right that…