Disconnected Dinner


It’s the damnedest thing.

Just 10 years ago you would go out to dinner with friends, or have them over for a dinner party, and everyone would sit around and chat and enjoy each others company.

These days, you are more likely to see everyone on their cell’s facebooking, tweeting, texting with one another around this same table not saying a damned word.

I hate it.

It is one of the prime reasons I do not have a cell phone. When I am out with friends or family, I am with them. I am fully engaged.

Problem is often that is a one way street.

If you want to spend time with me… Spend time with me, not your phone.

I know I am not alone in this passion for social un-plugging, but it is so rare!

Last night, me and the gang had an amazing disconnected dinner. All phones were put away upon arrival, and we just enjoyed each others company.

We talked and shared stories. We cooked an amazing meal together, and we broke bread – all without phones – it was glorious.

The whole night was wrapped in laughter and stories. It was so good.

I think we as human beings need to be disconnected more often. Back to a simpler time, when conversation was king not getting that like on facebook.

More and more I find myself desiring for a simpler time, or a disconnected rural home…

Then again…

The internet.

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