Nice guy for a big lie?


One thing about living in BC is the fact that there are a lot of homeless in our city. Some are honestly legit cold and hungry homeless, some are legit because of drugs or alcohol, and some are just well off people who beg for money cause it’s the cool thing to do. No, really… There are people in this town who come from nice houses and who beg because they want to. OK, thats fine if that’s the lifestyle they want, but I think it often distracts from people who might actually need help.

I am not a fan of giving money to the poor. No wait here me out. If someone is cold and hungry, money is not always the solution. In some cases it will goto a vice – and that wont fill a belly. What I will do – when I can – is buy a sandwich, or cup of soup, or give them my lunch, because, they are clearly hungry, and I can always get more.

I will happily give someone on the street food because humans should never starve.

I think just a little kindness can go a long way.

I know a lot of people turn a blind eye, and in this town its double hard because of all the ‘fakers’; however, the offer and acceptance of a meal is generally a barometer of famine or faker.

Tonight one was one such night, and I want to share this story, because honestly I am wondering if my plan failed me this time. Don’t misunderstand, even if it did fail me this person seemed to be in need and its never wrong to do the right thing… But I am wondering.

So I was walking home from work, and an older man with a visually impaired cane came up to me asking for some money because he is a diabetic, and he needs a pop for some sugar. I told him, I don’t carry change, but if he wants, we can walk a couple blocks and I will buy him a pop and a sandwich to help him through the evening.

He seemed genuinely grateful and we walked making small talk the whole way, and he was telling me his long tale of woe – and I did feel bad for the guy and was happy to help him out.

Now, I don’t understand how diabetics works and all that but I have heard of people getting pop or orange slices to boost their sugar, and it was a cold and windy night, so it never occurred to me that the poor guy might not be on the up and up…

Until we got to the store.

He picked out a sandwich, and I let him fill up his Big Gulp cup, and I told him hey the sandwich comes with a free bottle of pop, let me get that for you and you can keep it in case you get in trouble again… I asked him what kind he wanted.

Diet Coke.

Now, I’m not going to say he didn’t need a sandwich, but how the hell does Aspartame help a diabetic?

Again, I don’t understand the medical behind it, but that just seemed weird.

Honestly though, if a person is saying hey I’ll get you a sandwich too, why don’t you come clean and say hey, actually I am really hungry – I might have gotten him a couple sandwiches.

Or maybe I am wrong and Diet Coke does help.

It just seemed weird and made me feel bad about helping someone… Were they really in need or did I just get duped?

I would do it again in a heartbeat though. Doing the right thing and helping another human being is something I will always strive to do… But in a town full of fakers, I try to reserve my help for those that need it, because though I am in the have side of the scale, I am not rich, and I don’t want to pay for their mortgages when I can’t afford my own.

So what do you think internets? Was I a nice guy caught in a big lie? Has my full proof fake spotter failed me? Let me know what you think!

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