I’ve always wanted to see the world.


I have spent my dreaming about traveling. I have thought about taking pictures of sharks in Australia, in a small Greek town, or tasting exotic foods of India. I have wanted to meet people, go places, see things. I have contemplated cruises, world tours, even just a year backpacking around various countrysides; however, I always wanted to see the world in a unique way.

Granted, the best way is to see through the eyes of a local. Either knowing someone, meeting someone there who can show you the exotic spots that no one else gets to see. But that is always realistic at least not start. Though that may be the best way to see the world, it’s not necessarily the most unique.

The other day, going into the office, I really noticed the giant world map outside the front door. I mean it’s huge. Probably 7 feet tall and 20 feet wide. This big map to my attention to the obvious; I live on an island. I grew up on an island. I long for the ocean and its islands, so why tour the of the islands of the world?

Now I don’t just mean tropical Caribbean paradise, but places like Iceland, Australia, the Queen Charlotte Islands, Fiji, or any island really. I dream of writing on the island of Crete, so why not? I dream of scuba off Australia’s coasts, so why not? Hiking the mountains of Iceland, sure!

What about spending a year touring. Wouldn’t that be a unique way to see our amazing world? I could go from coast-to-coast, country to country, we the people see the lands somewhere in the ocean’s.

I can design this incredible package called the islands of the world, and I could write about my adventures: just me, my laptop, my camera and the beautiful islands of this Earth. From tropical rustic from cold to hot I could see it all experience it all, it would be amazing.

Now, just find a way to make this happen.

I will start planning it, assuming money is no option, but wanting to spend it realistically; camping, hiking, and being with the people. I’m going to plan this dream trip, and then I will find a way to make it a reality.

I think the key to making this trip great, is to not worry about the budget. Don’t plan it five-star, plan it to live it. Spend at least a month on each island. Get to know the people, and the place. Learn the culture, the food, embrace the language.

It’s going to be epic.

And when I bring this into being, I’ll have my laptop, my camera, and me, and I will write about every moment. Every taste, every smell, every touch.

I can’t wait!

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