You know what else sounds good?


So after having the Creative Sound Blaster World of Warcraft headset for a few weeks – I want to tell you what else sounds DAMN good.

Of course there is World of Warcraft – which now sounds like a whole new game (there are FLYS around corpses), but other will blow you away to.

There is really no way to describe how amazing and game changing these headset sounds, in fact I have started playing my alts more so I can re-hear all the game content. It is – EPIC.

But like I said – more than just WoW sounds epic.

Call of Duty 4 with the headset – is mind blowing. Such deep, accurate, and fully immersive sound.

Bioshock – and you thought it was creepy before they started breathing in your ear! It is positively spine chilling.

Civ IV is another whole new game. Sounds I didn’t even know existed. Fuller, more moving . Ah-Mazing.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! you can hear the pirates call from miles away. It’s intense!

The Sims 3 this is one you just have to experience for yourself. Really – you have to try it all for yourself…. Music, , Games… It all sounds – E.P.I.C!

And please don’t misunderstand – it’s not a headset thing. I have always used headsets – for a more immersive sound. No, this is a tech thing. The advanced THX and Surround Sound that this headset provides is what makes all the difference. Hard to believe, how much of a difference a good headset makes.

Well worth the cost of entry IMHO.

So if you want a new headset – GET THESE. I can’t stress how unbelievable they are. Better than my stereo, my old headset, and my built in speakers. Better than anything I have ever heard through my earholes.

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

What is your experience?

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