Play with your food!


I have said it before, and will say it again… Experiment in the kitchen. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Tonight – BIG win.

Tonight I decided to do up a couple steak medallions, with a side fresh veggies.

Near the end of the meal – while watching some shows on Paris (thinking French food) I thought – sauce.

And it turned out amazing.

I will share what i can here, but as I was just goofing around, there are no measurements.

I took the steaks outta the pan, and in the juices, I added more garlic, butter, cream, red wine, dijon mustard, scallions, fresh parsley, salt and pepper.

I turned the heat up, and mixed it all until thick.

Poured over – and NUM!

I even have enough left over to take to my family and share.

Like I said – sometimes playing in the kitchen pays off big!

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