’s Blog has been a labor of love of mine since July 10th 2003, and was an inspiration long before that.  I try to update it as frequently as a can – for the year 2010 I am running a project where I post every single day of the year – you can safely expect a post 4 to 5 days a week normally.  What I write about are things that are interesting to me, I like, ideas that I have, and stories I think of.  Really, anything that comes to my mind.  I like to write passionately, and I hope the writings will be something of interest to you.  I was inspired to start a blog by reading “Where’s my burrito”, the writings of Wil Wheaton (http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/ ) in 2001, but I could never quite manifest the blog into being until 2003.  Since then, this blog has blossomed from random rantings and musings, to much – much more.

It has become one of my passions.

It has become a part of me.

Who am I?

My name is .

I am a Canadian, living in , British Columbia.  I was born in Fort Langley, but spent most of my formative years living with my family on our island: Dayman Island.  There we farmed shellfish, and had 24 acres as our private paradise.  We moved to (a suburb of Greater ) when I had graduated beyond the tiny little one room school of Thetis Island, and needed greater education opportunities.  Sidney is where I went to high school, learned to drive, and became an adult.  Currently I reside in – one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I am passionate about many things – , writing, , the internet, travel, animals, monopoly, , games, sharks, health and fitness, nature and the ocean – you can expect to read about all those things and more within the posts of this blog.

I love my Mac.  It is a vehicle for me to get to a lot of my passions.  It allows me to write on the go, edit photographs, play video games, create audio files, write music, and so much more.  It is almost my muse.  Without this beautiful piece of hardware – I surely would be .  I think because of my love for my mac, and really all things Apple, that I might be called an Apple Fan Girl.  I guess that shoe really fits, because I am very enthusiastic about Apple products.

I am also a gamer.  I love video games.  Any genre, any platform – I just adore them.  This can not be stated enough, because video games are a fairly large part of my life.  I even wanted to write video games, and at one point considered a career in video game design, but I am not a code monkey.  However if a company came to me asked me to write a story for a video game, I think I would probably pee my pants in excitement.  That would truly be a dream come true.

I want to become a Travel Writer & Photographer. Something in that field is calling to me. I have come to realize that covers most of my passions – and would allow me to perhaps peruse them all with equal vigour and get paid to do it.  I love writing deeply, and creative fiction and internal musings are things that give me such joy.  As does photography – in all it’s forms. I would love to be a Travel Writer or a traveling photo journalist, or maybe a photographic writer for National Geographic specializing in sharks.  Perhaps a novelist, or a photographic artist.

Besides my blog, I have written for the gaming news site Game Rant, so feel free to check them out, and check out my stories.

And during the whole journey – this blog will be here.

It is a part of me, and I share it with you.

So thank you for stopping by.

Please feel free to contact me, ether by commenting on a post, or clicking the contact link above to email me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please, enjoy your stay, and once more, welcome to Cinderella’s Blog.